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We have a large series of leaflets available in several languages that you can download as well as request in printed form from us. In the latter case, we will send it by post. For quantities of 10 copies (folders) and 5 copies (booklets), we request that you make a donation of your choice as a contribution towards the costs.

We also have books available for which we request a donation as marked in the form, and postage costs. For the German, Spanish, and French translations of the comic book ‘Tous en Piste’, the form will be forwarded to the patient organization of the country in question.

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    Patient journey for Congenital Melanocytic Naevus (minimal donation €10)

    The comic book ‘Tous en Piste’ (minimal donation €10)

    Parents Support Guide Prenental

    Parents Support Guide 0-4 years

    Parents Support Guide 5-11 years

    Parents Support Guide 12-17 years

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