English Leaflets

English leaflets/brochures CMN and NCM

CMN information leaflet Caring Matters Now (UK) 

Information leaflet Nevus Outreach (USA).

Medical information

CMN medical booklet Caring Matters Now (UK).

NCM Brochure Nevus Outreach (USA).

Support guidance for families

Baby Looks Different
Age Group: 0-3 years

Making Friends and Fitting In
Age Group: 7-11 years

Meeting People and Feeling Good
Age Group: 0-3 years

Talking to Other Children
Age Group: 7-11 years

Meeting Others
Age Group: 3-6 years

Handling Adolescence
Age Group: 11-18 years

Sturge Weber Foundation “You’re not alone”

Introducing Your Baby

Coping With Other People’s Reactions

Practical guides for rare disease (CMTC-OVM)

Guide for siblings

Psychological impact of living with a rare disease

Conversation health care provider

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