• We share information via our social media accounts. For example, during a conference, we share conference reports with photos.
  • We publish a newsletter in English at least once.
  • We connect people worldwide by organizing international meetings for patient advocates, collaborating and sharing information.
  • We support patient advocates in starting a new organization in their country.
  • We connect to other organizations because “alone we’re rare, together we’re strong”.

A stronger voice to raise awareness to improve the lives of those affected by CMN.



Naevus Global started in 2013 when 12 organizations started working together. We’re now connected to more than 30 countries worldwide (2020).


Naevus Global is an umbrella organization for national CMN patient organizations and less formal organized international groups.

We work together with Naevus International known as the ‘team patients’.

We also collaborate with external organizations: “alone we’re rare, together we’re strong”.

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