Naevus Global present at national gatherings

Naevus Global visits national CMN conferences. We can give a presentation or we attend to learn from the conference.


Naevus 2000, La Roche Posay, France 2019

Presentation Naevus Global 2018 (en Français)


Nävus Netzwerk, Wetzlar, Germany 2018


Nevus Outreach, July 2018

Presentation Shawn Reynolds 2018

Presentation Yasmin Khakoo 2018

Presentation Veronica Kinsler 2018

Mast Cells Kathy Stewart 2018

Presentation Miquel Reyes 2018

Presentation Randi Silver 2018


Italy, 2017. Presentation Naevus Global

Presentation Italy, September 2017

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