Patient organisation

There is no official patient organization in Zambia. Someone from Zambia familiar and experienced with CMN is willing to be in touch. Please contact Naevus Global.

Click here if you want to set up a patient organization.


Other English based patient organisations

South Africa

South Africa

United Kingdom

Caring Matters Now

United States of America

Nevus Outreach


Medical information

Information published by Prof. V. Kinsler, 2019

For the information on these pages we thank Prof. Veronica Kinsler, M.D., Ph.D .; Heather Etchevers, Ph.D .; Harper Price, M.D. This website can never replace personal medical advice. For such advice, always contact a doctor, both for yourself and for your child.


Expertise Center

For medical advice, your clinician can contact Naevus International. Naevus International is a network of professionals and experts for exchanges about CMN, to which Naevus Global ensures patient advocacy and representation.

To find expertise, please contact the patient organization through Naevus Global, search for information in other countries or search in Naevus Global scientific advisorsory council (SAC).


Peer support via social media

Social media


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