Diagnosis CMN

Congenital Melanocytic Naevus


CMN is not always diagnosed correctly at birth. Parents need rapid referral to experienced care specialists and establish a prognosis and care strategy. Read more information about CMN and the challenges.

How to help a person with CMN

The short answer is, find out more.
If you are a new parent of a child with a nevus, you are taking in a lot of information at once. Some of it follows, and not everything relevant to you is even all there. It is important to stop and get yourself oriented. Focus on adjusting to your baby and making him or her welcome in your family, then begin to sort out the most pressing questions you have, and start there.
You may yourself have a CMN, but had not known its name, or that there were other people like you. There are, all over the world, and you can meet and learn from them.
We suggest you get connected to the many thousands of other people who know what you are going through via your national support groups.

Social Media

There are a few social media support groups where people are connected from all around the world. This page shows common groups.

Or find groups close to where you live through the support page on our website.

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