Scientific Advisory Council

A range of advisors in different countries

The Scientific Advisory Council is made up of medical and scientific professionals to give expert advice, recommendations, and guidance to our strategic plans to help shape our vision and direction.
Naevus Global works with Naevus International for mutual consultation between scientists, clinicians, and psychologists.
The main tasks of the Naevus Global SAC are:

Providing discipline-representative advice and updated information about the state of the art to patient advocates.
Making policy recommendations in their specific areas of expertise.
Developing and reviewing materials intended for publication and dissemination to the general public (website, social media, leaflets, etc.).
Identifying and helping obtain potential funding sources.
In the long run, peer-review of research proposals submitted to either Naevus Global or to patient advocacy groups seeking independent evaluations of medical or scientific value and feasibility.

Scientific Advisory Council members

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