At Least She Has a Pretty Face

Reading book by Lori Clay-Porter, 2019
At Least She Has a Pretty Face: Growing up with a Giant Congenital Nevus, by Lori Clay-Porter , 2019

My hope is that this book will help the readers to overcome weaknesses and obstacles and will motivate them to live a fuller life. In a world that demands perfection, I feel that this book will interest, amaze, and inspire. My deepest wish would be for this book to help and uplift people born with a giant congenital nevus and all people born with unusual birth defects, disabilities, or deformities of any kind. People, in general, are fascinated by others that are different. I learned very early to be compassionate to the problems of others and to accept my own problems, and then later in life, I decided to live life to the fullest, appreciating each and every day. I am living a completely normal life. In fact, I am living a fantastic life with many adventures which I share in my writing.

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