February 15-16, 2024. Rome
On February 15 and 16, 2024, Naevus Global (Nävus Netzwerk and Nevus Netwerk Nederland) attended the second MELCAYA general assembly in Rome. MELCAYA is the acronym for a European research consortium that stands for Melanoma in Children, Adolescents, and Young Adults.

Childhood melanoma is rare but does occur. Children with congenital birthmarks have a slightly higher risk. The challenge lies in its rarity. The few studies conducted are scattered and struggle with insufficient data. MELCAYA has initiated a major project linking various research efforts.

MELCAYA aims to accelerate and enhance the prediction and diagnosis of melanoma risk for children and young people, as well as make treatments more effective. The research comprises ten working groups. Each group presented during the meeting (more details on MELCAYA website):

It was a valuable meeting to attend. This gathering provided us with a better understanding of what this project entails. Read more…

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