My Birthmark

For readers 4-9 years
A children’s book dedicated to my beautiful daughter Samara who was born with CMN on the left side of her face. Afeerah Bacchus, 2023

My birthmark

I wanted to have something she can share in her first year of school because I know Children are curious. With this book, I sought to educate her peers and fellow kids on this rare beauty that exists. Also, this book is dedicated to all CMN families. Growing up and being classified differently is one of the hardest things a child can go through in school. I put myself in my daughter’s shoes and just wanted to find the easiest way to let others know what it is she has on her face without being questioned. Stares and looks make you feel uncomfortable, as a parent, it hurts to hear some remarks. I want to eradicate the obsession with beauty. If we let our kids know to accept each other as they are from a tender age they will grow up with that mindset of love and being loved no matter what.

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