Not just my skin

Join the global movement that’s set to change the way the world sees and understands skin health. The World Skin Health Coalition is a patient-led multi-stakeholder group of 27 Partners – patient organizations, healthcare professional societies, industry companies, and research organizations. 

Naevus Global is a Partner and together, we’re embarking on a mission that’s about our skin and so much more. Our goal? To raise global awareness about the significant impact of skin diseases and conditions, and to urge health policy leaders worldwide to prioritize these critical issues.

It’s About Our Skin, But It’s Also About Our Lives

But we can’t do it without you. Help us reach policymakers by signing our open letter now!

By signing our open letter, you’re not just supporting a cause; you’re advocating for a future where skin health is given its due importance – where every individual dealing with a skin condition receives the care, respect, and attention they deserve.

For millions around the world, skin diseases are more than what meets the eye. They represent a journey filled with challenges: the lengthy search for a diagnosis, the struggle for accessible care, appropriate and affordable treatment, and the battle against the unseen yet deeply felt impact on mental health. Our campaign, “Not Just My Skin,” is about voicing these struggles and shedding light on the often minimized physical and psychosocial harms caused by skin diseases.

On our campaign’s website, you’ll have the opportunity to read three stories of real people from diverse regions of the world, each living with different skin conditions or being a caregiver and facing very different challenges. These stories aren’t just narratives; they’re reflections of the everyday challenges faced by those living with skin conditions:

  • Timely Diagnosis: Without a proper and timely diagnosis, individuals can’t receive the right treatment, prolonging suffering and uncertainty.
  • Accessibility and Affordability: Access to care is a right and affordable treatments are a necessity. Yet many struggle to receive the care they need. 
  • Facing Mental Health Challenges: Feeling neglected or minimized about your skin condition can lead to severe mental health outcomes and life-altering battles.

Let’s unravel the layers to reveal that it’s not just about the physical symptoms – it’s about the mental challenges, the lifelong burden, the social stigma, the professional setbacks, and the healthcare barriers too.

Your signature is your voice, echoing the need for change in health policies around the world. It’s a stand against minimization and a step towards prioritization.

So, let’s unite in this cause. Let’s lift our voices, share our stories, and sign the open letter. Together, we can ensure that skin health is not just seen but understood, not just treated but prioritized.

It’s not just about our skin. It’s about our future.

Sign the Open Letter Now!

Thank you for your support.

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