“Why do you have all these marks all over you?” Keagan: “Because that’s the way God made me and guess what: He made you too”.

Having a child with a condition that is one in a half million is pretty rare. Having a child with a giant brown birthmark and dots all over his body is even more so. I’ve sometimes wondered how he’ll feel when the questions start getting directed to him, but my reply as of now is simply “he’s a chocolate chip cookie”. When I found out about a Doll Like Me I was over the moon with happiness. Finally, someone who looks like him and can be his buddy in a world that can often be cruel. However, much to my dismay, as a single parent of 3 medically fragile kids, I simply could not afford one and was heartbroken. A few months later I was contacted by Amy, who had found a sponsor for Keagan’s doll. When Keagan’s buddy “chip” (for chocolate chip) arrived, I was stunned at how much it matched him; wow! Keagan loved him from the start and Chip has been to every procedure and surgery with us. He’s also become a great source of smiles and wonderful teaching too for children, adults, and those in the medical field. I’m thrilled beyond measure and eternally grateful for this wonderful organization that puts smiles in the hearts of kids who need it.

Joy Noëlle Cameron, mother of Keagan


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