Libny Molano

What if we win the war in the mirror?

We are so incredibly unique and diverse that the best idea we had is to force us to look like others and to have what the other has. Then the mirror – and what we see in him – becomes our worst enemy, we are our own enemies. The key is to win the war in the mirror, understand that we are a unique creation and we can’t walk each other’s way, nor have what the other has, nor can we see each other as the other looks and what we see in the mirror is like I always say: a masterpiece. Of course, we can always be better, but we are already better the day we decided to walk our way, treasure our struggles and achievements, without yearning for the other. On the contrary, helping each other, learning and fighting not for being better than the other, but for achieving the purpose for which we were made.

The Mirror was my enemy for many years and I don’t deny it, sometimes it still is, but my goal is to win war one day at a time.
Photography: Nicolas Correa Laguna

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