Let’s Go

Psychotherapeutic comic book. By Loic and Patrick Ballet.
The comic book ‘Let’s Go’. Original book: ‘Tous en piste’, by Loic Ballet and Patrick Ballet, 2017. A psychotherapeutic comic book that provides suggestions for dealing with a different appearance.

Due to the visibility of this condition, present from birth (“congenital”), young individuals grappling with it may encounter difficulties in adapting to their daily lives. In certain instances, this may even subject them to social rejection. Those with noticeable skin conditions, such as congenital melanocytic naevus, often endure unabated stares, intrusive questioning, and recurring ridicule, significantly affecting their well-being, privacy, and personal dignity.

Meet Anna, a girl with congenital melanocytic naevus (or another visible skin condition). Through four imaginative narratives, she navigates through challenging and relatable scenarios, boldly facing the distinctive aspects of her appearance. Guided by her imaginary friends, Anna learns valuable tips and tricks. This literary work serves as a tool for understanding and managing reactions from others, fostering open discussions and devising personalized coping strategies. It is highly recommended to engage in shared readings of the book with the child.

It is a publication of Association Anna. This organization is dedicated to promoting acceptance for people with a distinctive appearance and providing training in schools.

Tous en Piste is written by Loic Ballet and illustrated by Patrick Ballet, 2017.

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